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Why is this world so bad?

   There is a theory that this world is a kind of hell because there are so many bad things happening all the time.  There are wars, violence, crimes, diseases and many injustices and poverty. And in fact, people who consider this world hell are right to a certain extent. But, is earth really hell?  We can say that yes, for some people, their lives are true hell, but not for all, which creates a contradiction, after all, if the earth were a hell, then everyone in the world must be in deep suffering, which is not the case. case.  For example, there are people right now going hungry and in the middle of a war, and at the same time there are people eating in a great restaurant and in ultra-safe cities and neighborhoods. What sense would it make in hell for some to live in a paradise without worries while only a few suffer.  So absolutely no, earth is not hell. What happens is that this world is the result of human thoughts and everything is generated by the beliefs and cultures that s

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