Allanism and Christianity


Hello, today we are going to talk about a controversial topic but it is a question that we receive the most here: what is Allanism's view on Christianity or if we are a Christian sect?

And the answer is very simple: _ no, Allanism has nothing to do with Christianity nor are we a Christian sect, the word sect denotes something of separation when a group leaves within another.  For example, Christianity is a sect of Judaism, as it came out of the Jewish religion, and Catholicism is a sect of early Christianity, and Protestantism is a sect of Catholicism, and so on.

Allanism, on the other hand, is its own religion both in origin and in doctrinal precepts, although because we were born in a Christian country we have followed this religion at some point in our lives, and we often use this religious language so that the teachings are more easily understood.

But, returning to the subject, Allanism sees Christianity in the same way that Christianity sees other religions, that is, as something wrong, or even influenced by entities far from the true God, and we use the same measure with studies that demonstrate this fact.

For example, the entity of Christianity is not omnipotent, but a limited being that needed animal sacrifices, and people to carry out its works both in the past when it needed people to expel and make wars in its name, when nowadays where people they have a duty to take his word and donate money to his work.

In addition, we also observe the current world, the whole society that was formed through the Christian ideology, and what we see is a sick society, with violence, corruption, wars and poverty, in addition to the bad examples of some religious leaders of that religion.

Now if many leaders of this religion commit bad things, if almost every week we see some scandal, if almost all the prisoners profess a religion and if the society generated by the vision of this religion brought a disharmonious society, how can we believe that these teachings bring something good or bad? are true?  You will know the tree by its fruits.

Another issue we observe is the lives of many believers we know of this religion and nothing looks like a life focused on the true God.  We are not talking about bad behavior here, but the sad way many live, with various problems of a psychological nature and lack of love in their hearts.

All of this makes us see that they are not on the right path, especially when compared to the way we live, if I live with the Holy Spirit in me of the creator of the universe, how can I live so unhappy, so without wisdom?  It makes no sense to have the Light and not have clarity in my existence.

However, although we have this vision about Christianity, this does not mean that there are not people in this religion who are not in fact in the true God, because Eternal Consciousness is not limited to our religion, and there are people in communion with the Divinity in all religions, people who are separated and who will one day find the truth above the superstitions and errors to which they are inserted.

For this same reason, within all religions and even in the writings of atheist authors, we find moments of divine inspiration in their writings and in some religious passages, as divine Wisdom enlightened many of these people and they ended up writing the eternal truth in your books.  The Spirit blows where it wills.

Another issue concerns the divinity of Christ, Allanism believes in a unique God, God does not become a human being, it would be impossible for a human body to contain the Divinity in a carnal body, much less do we believe in divine fallibility, the Creator is in himself perfect, that he created something perfect and the human being is a perfect being and he only needs to believe in this truth to start living the way the Creator wants.

That is, the belief in a primordial sin does not exist in Allanism, therefore there is no need for a redeemer, not least because the human sacrifice of Jesus is very similar to the bloody practices of ancient religions where entities always needed sacrifices.

In Allanism, the human being is like a pure crystal in its essence, and the mistakes are like the dust that falls on the crystal, this dust is the disharmonious life that we learn in this society and that is far from Consciousness, but as soon as someone understand true spirituality takes all the dust off that crystal.

But, someone will say, if we are perfect then why do we make mistakes?  First, you need to understand the philosophical view of what perfection is, in Allanism, perfection means "living for the purpose for which you were made", for example an animal, a tree and a child are perfect, because everyone is living their natures at the moment what they were made for. 

In human nature we have the right to make choices, freedom of action, and curiosity, for this reason many choose to live far from primordial harmony and subvert this freedom and curiosity to the disharmonious path.  But it is entirely possible to live in harmony while experiencing the nature of discernment, making choices, and exercising creativity without having to stray from divine principles, just as one can always dust off a sphere of crystal.

We'll stop here if you still have questions, suggestions or criticisms write to the email

May Eternal Consciousness bless us always in Its immense Wisdom and goodness.



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