How Religions Attract Narcissists and Psychopaths

Hello, we always see more and more scandals and crimes carried out by religious leaders and now let's talk about why this always happens.

Religions and churches are conducive places to attract psychopaths and narcissists for the simple fact that they easily generate power, wealth and control over people.

A psychopath or a narcissist will not find the leadership of a religious institution any obstacle to their deplorable behavior, in addition to enjoying state protection and their faithful, who will be ready to defend them whenever possible.

In our country we see how this happens, mainly in manipulation for political ends, in support for candidates, ideologies and in the use of the great mass of faithful to demonstrate political power.

And this is also visible in some worship ministries, where there are many narcissists seeking glory and fame for themselves which compromises many churches and their evangelism.

Basically a narcissist or psychopath seeks: power, fun, exploitation, money, sex.  And all this is easily achieved when you hold symbolic authority and when you succeed in convincing people that they are in the service of a god, that they are "the Lord's anointed", etc.

But, the solution to get rid of these false religious leaders goes through the end of superstitions and the real knowledge of Divinity.  For example, we have the following maxims that frustrate the intentions of these psychopaths and narcissists even at the base, making them look for other institutions:

1. There are no intermediaries between God and men.

Here we break down any extraordinary allegation of ministries that someone has been chosen to lead anyone.  No one is anointed or chosen of the Lord.  And no one needs a leader to instruct the best way or to act on their supposed god-given visions to that effect.

2. Focus on Divinity and inner practice and not on the vanity and narcissism of men.

We don't agree with ministries of worship, if someone has musical talent, that stands out playing in the popular scene and not in religion, if someone wants to sing for God that they sing along with everyone or in a choir, and not that they wanted to shine using people's faith with a captive audience that can't complain.

But, do I like to just make religious music that praises God?

Keep making your music and do your own concerts, not religious gatherings for your own vanity.

Concerts are the right places for artists, on stage, not in religious gatherings where the focus is on learning and interacting with fellow believers.

A cult, mass, religious ritual is in itself something collective, focused on others, and not on oneself.

3. There are no tithes or offerings or salary to religious leaders.

This here would drive away almost all wolves disguised as sheep, ambition dominates many narcissists and psychopaths, and cutting this rule, the cure would be almost immediate.

Very few people teach for free or would help, and without the money we would see many religious institutions fall apart overnight, and that would be fine as only sincere leaders would continue.

4. Training for religious leaders.

We see many scandals in a religious institution where cases of pedophilia abound, and these priests study for many years.  So many use this to justify that it is not the time of formation that makes the difference, but "the call of God".

But the truth is that it would be even worse without this religious background, just see the difference where religious leaders with little education create the most bizarre cults and where there is a lot of exploitation of believers.

Besides, the long training time creates 2 situations: one makes it unfeasible for the psychopath and narcissist to grow quickly in the institution, as they are immediate, they want quick profit;  second, time is given to better understand the nature of the candidate for leadership, and thus discover whether they are capable, honest and good people rather than deceivers.

5. Stop using the faithful for services within the institution.

The objective here is to keep the faithful away from being alone with these leaders, after all why do we have to leave our children acting alone with these religious leaders?  In addition to many betrayals and sexual scandals happening within several churches.  The solution is simple, pay someone to do these cleaning services inside these institutions and thus protect women and children from false religious leaders.

6. End of confession and counseling in closed places.

If someone is a religious leader, he must care for his image and not be alone advising other people.  In many cases it is even better that only women advise women and men advise men.

However, with the advancement of technology, there is no need for such meetings anymore, and true religion is simple and clear, just learn and follow, there is really no need for special or private meetings.  And these meetings end up facilitating the actions of malicious people.

7. The last solution is the responsibility of the state, of the laws.

Much of this exploitation is the fault of a lack of legislation and state presence.  The state should do a better job of overseeing these institutions and taxing large institutions that are used for many purposes.

We have to stop thinking that "religion is not discussed" and that the state should let religious leaders do whatever they want.  It is not like that, we live through state rules and laws, but the state must regulate these activities because they are part of civil society.

Logically, the state should not prioritize any religion or say what people should believe, but it should monitor so that abuses and crimes are not committed, as well as charging millionaire institutions with due taxes and labor rights.

If all civil society pays its share, it is not fair that only religious institutions, mainly the richest ones, are exempt, in fact, not even that should be said here, but the leaders themselves should do what is fair and just and spontaneously return to society the tax due regardless of existing legislation or not.

The same can be said of state protection of children against religious solicitation.  It is the state's duty to protect children from religious teaching, children should be children and learn religion only from their parents, and not in institutions, unless of course along with the study of geography and history, and as a description.


As we can see, the current legislation and customs of many religious institutions are conducive to the predatory action of narcissists and psychopaths, and we must not conform to this situation.

We also learn what a false religious leader desires: money, power, control, submission and sex.

As well, we demonstrate simple personal and state attitudes to solve these problems and protect civil society from false religious leaders.

Finally, we also advise people to establish themselves in the true religion, where there is an unshakable and correct ethics both in the eyes of God and men.  And where the focus is on individual faith and enlightenment rather than the vanity and narcissism of people wanting to be worshipped.

A tree is known by its fruits.



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