Is homosexuality a sin?


 Hello, we have seen a great religious discussion about homosexuality in our country, where some evangelical leaders continue to preach against homosexuality based on their biblical texts.  But, here comes the question how does Allanism see this issue and how does it deal with homosexuality?

 In our religion, there is no sin, that means that there is nothing that can offend our God, nothing that a human being does has any way of offending the Eternal Consciousness.  There is no sin of any kind in our belief, just behaviors.

 This is not to say that there are not mistakes in this life, things that we can do against ourselves and that we must refrain from, and our only ethic to do is "not to harm other people as well as ourselves", unless in rare fair exceptions.

 Homosexuality is in itself something individual, because what does someone being homosexual influence in our lives?  Or who does someone sleep with?

 It makes no sense to bother with other people's lives.  If two people of the same sex are in a relationship, if they live together, this in no way influences our lives, so there is no mistake against us, and our attitude is one of respect and inclusion.

 If any god is concerned about this, he himself should go and talk to these people, we are not the ones who have to go talk to or attack these people.

 Respecting others is always the perfect path, and we must not conform to the behavior of system religions, their superstitions and their fanatical discourse against people who already suffer a lot in our society.

 Almost every week there is some act of violence and crimes against homosexual people, and all of this comes from false religions and their violent speech, which gives moral support to this senseless violence, and there are even countries where the laws condemn homosexuals, which which is absurd.

 Furthermore, this adds nothing to this evangelism, as it only further distances people from this preaching; and our religion does not agree with that.

 Someone's sexual life is an intimate matter and only concerns that person, if someone thinks that some sexual practice does not match their own religiosity or if they feel that some behavior is taking them away from divine Harmony, whether or not to abstain from such behavior it concerns only that person, and we respect it.

 Meanwhile, that doesn't mean we should do everything we want because not everything is good for us.  In our religion we have a simple moral, but we must also observe our behavior daily, because we are already attacked and persecuted in this society and we always need to be careful in a disharmonious world.

 Furthermore, when we observe the lives of these religious leaders who attack homosexuals, we perceive a pattern, which is to keep people in eternal conflict, always busy;  is to use the tactic of "us against them".  And this is done intentionally to control their subordinates.

 One of these leaders a short time ago fueled the political dispute, soon after ended up entering into dispute within his own institution, and now it fuels the dispute between evangelicals against homosexuals. As we can see he is someone lost in conflicts and confusion, far from the truth and the true God.

 And we must in itself ignore these teachings, as it is not convenient for us to pay attention to the foolish and their guides without wisdom and inspiration from the Eternal Consciousness.

 May the Eternal keep us always!



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