Power of God or Money?


 Hello, today we are going to answer one more question: If Allanism is the truth why does this religion not grow like other religions?

 And yes, we have a clear answer, our religion doesn't grow that much due to it being "the most ethical religion in the whole world".  And let's explain:

 1. We do not ask for financial donations.

 In other words, you will never see any emphasis here on financial giving to build temples, send missionaries, print material, faith campaigns etc or financial obligations like tithing, we really don't want your money, we teach you how to invest your money, and enrich for your safety and the well-being of your family.

 It is also totally wrong in our religion for a religious leader to be supported with the money of the faithful, just the fact that someone cannot support himself with his own resources or the fruit of his work already disqualifies him from being a leader in our religion.

 However, there may be generous and dedicated people who spontaneously chose to help with the maintenance of this service here, but without any doctrinal obligation or mandate.  And so, we can bring this channel to you.

 2. Being an unusual belief.

 When someone is born in a country, it is common for that person to know the religion of that society and be used to that belief since childhood.  So it's much more difficult for people to understand different worldviews from their community.

 Our religion has precepts and teachings that are very different from systematic religions, and many of these teachings are so sophisticated that we have to greatly reduce the way we communicate here, so that there can be some understanding.

 For example, when we use the word "God" here, we have to use it in a very simplified way, as in our religion, the definition is much broader than the definition of religions that people learned during their lives.

 Bringing broad, new and sophisticated knowledge is very difficult in a society that does not understand these concepts and is not used to reading philosophical and scientific concepts.

 4. Studies and more studies.

 Allanism is a religion of studies, it is a religion that is not easy to learn, as it requires a lot of reading, not just about religion, but intellectual training, a religious of our religion has the duty to educate himself and learn about many things , from reading a lot of literary works, learning useful skills and mastering new languages.

 For example, suppose an illiterate converts, he will be encouraged to learn to read and progress in studies, he will never be encouraged to remain in the same situation.

 5. Improvement.

 Our religion has the precept of inner and outer evolution, a member must improve their habits, their finances, their health, and all of this is hard work, many people prefer a doctrine in which God will do everything for them, the easy way.  In which it is enough to pray and a god will take care of everything, but we know that this will not happen, reality is harsh and progress requires effort and dedication.

 6. The 22 years of preparation.

 For someone to be able to talk about our religion, there is 22 years of preparation in the recommended studies, in addition to being in good physical shape and having sufficient financial resources to support themselves.  All this because we know that we have to care for the wealth and knowledge given to us and avoid what happens in other religions where many unprepared people only defame and embarrass their own religion.

 7. No preaching to children and those under 18.

 Our ethics do not allow the preaching and grooming of minors, which is why it is harmful because they are not yet mature or have a formed personality.  We don't want numbers, but quality, and it was revealed to us that the correct age to study religious concepts is from 18 years old.  It would be very easy to inculcate a faith in children, but our ethics are divine and we refrain from these practices.

 8. Rationality over emotionalism.

 Our religion is a rational religion based on reason and not emotions.  And many beliefs are focused only on emotions, where many touching songs are used, preaching full of enthusiasm, where people seek to "feel" God in their bodies.

 Deep down, just a dazzle of one's own emotions and feelings.  However our religion does not teach such practices, the Eternal Consciousness is in itself, reason, wisdom, it has nothing to do with carnal feelings but with genuine spirituality.  Emotions attract people, true knowledge is a solitary and reflective path.

 Enter through the narrow path.

 Everyone stay in the peace and wisdom of the Eternal Truth.



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