About the apocalypse and end times

 This week of Carnival in Brazil there was an unusual scene where an evangelical singer spoke to another about the apocalypse being near. And as always, we will give our religion’s view on this topic.

 First, let's make it clear that the apocalypse, which only means revelation and which was given the meaning of the end of the world and divine judgment, is just an idea of ​​Middle Eastern religions and began in the Zoroastrian religion, with no mention of such in our religion. event.

 In our religion, this is just one of several worlds existing in several parallel universes and dimensions, and all of these worlds can end at any time due to various natural forces of the laws of the universe. Therefore, someone in our religion is not worried about the end, especially because we can all die at any moment, that is, the individual end can come, and we have no way of controlling these events.

 If it is not in our control, why should we live anxious and worried about such events? This is just human vanity of wanting to predict and control everything. And we abstain from that path.

 But, do religious people say that we should prepare to meet the Creator?

 When we talk about preparing to meet the Creator, we talk about living a righteous life, saying prayers and being on the right path. Now, if religious people say this, it means that they are not yet on this correct path.

 Because in our religion, we already know that we are on the right path and we already live on that path naturally. While they still need preparation, for us it is natural and daily living, which means that something is not right with them.

 Just the fact that they live all the time in fear of the end, or desiring a kind of collective punishment that puts good and bad in the same situations demonstrates that something is very wrong with the vision they have of the Creator.

 However, for those who are good at true religion, our mind is at peace, we are in this world, but we are not from here and we do what is right by having a good, peaceful life and within moderation in our actions and words.

 So, stop fearing the end of the world, just trust in the Eternal and live a happy, blessed, prosperous and memorable life.

 May the Eternal and Perfect Consciousness bless us always!



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