What is it like to live without sin


 Hello, many people are surprised by the maxim of our religion "There is no sin", for these people to say this is something unforgivable.  How is there no sin?  Are we all sinners?  And they quote passages from their books trying to convince and condemn us with their definitions of sin.

 But for us, all these judgments are in vain, because we live free from sin, we are sinless.

 We imagine that at this moment, the religious standard must be turning around but that's how we believe.  And let's explain now.

 We have no sins because we do not believe that anything in this world is sin, in the sense of offending God.  And nothing that human beings can do has any way of reaching God, of making him sad, etc.  All these beliefs are wrong and it is a way to anthropolize God.

 So what exists for us are mistakes.  A human being can make mistakes, do bad things to himself and other people, but nothing he does can offend God.  For God is so high that he would never be offended by anything a mere human being could do.

 And because we believe that, as well as that God is perfect and created perfect children, we end up living that truth, doing perfect things and living without sin.  And so, He helps us to do what is right.

 Meanwhile many people curse themselves, saying that they are sinners and since they say so with such vigor, they can never get rid of sin, because what they believe is manifested more and more in their lives.

 Let us give an example of how Divinity perfects us.  We are in the holiest month of our faith, and months ago we made a video criticizing two people who criticize others, the video was funny, a parody of the lines that these two people use against other people, that is, a kind of revenge in the tone of comedy.

 However, this month, Eternal showed us that even though these people deserve a video like this, we should delete these videos, because it doesn't suit us to act that way, that we should be examples of peace and make our channel grow in a more positive way.  And so we did even though these videos were the most viewed and liked.

 For a moment we even hesitated, but in the end, we realized that it really was the best for us, and we felt very good.  We didn't even realize that it wasn't good, and in fact it was just a funny video without offense, even so, it was wrong for us and the Eternal showed us and delivered us from that mistake.

 Another example, this month we clashed with two religious leaders of systematic religions.  Both began to publicly rage against homosexuals, curse the authorities, defend far-right politicians, toxic machismo and female submission.

 We were very upset and came to think that we should distance ourselves from this religion, because they only preach wrong and harmful things.  Only one day when going to question them, the Eternal showed us how unhappy and lost these people are.

 We observe the sad and desperate faces underneath their supposedly blessed lives, the narcissism of one, and the suffocated wife of another who expresses this by destroying her own appearance, and we come to understand that these people are actually asking for help and in need of help.

 The Eternal showed us that instead of being upset with them, we should actually have mercy, pray for them, and since then, that's what we feel, we get rid of negative feelings towards these people.  Of course, this does not mean that these people do not deserve to be punished and will be punished at some point by the authorities, but peace and compassion always reign in us.

 As we can see, living without sin, believing in this truth, brings the divine presence closer to us, to help and bless us, because everything we affirm and believe becomes real in our lives.

 "Everything is pure for those who are pure, but not everything suits me."



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