True demonic possession


 Hello, you, like us, have seen the alarming facts of this world where seemingly ordinary people act very strangely.

 This strangeness ranges from slight changes in appearance to radical mutations with excessive surgeries, brutal crimes and a complete lack of love and compassion for others.

 At this moment, people experience a wave of wanting to draw attention to themselves, they lose themselves in the dishonest pursuit of riches and power, without ever finding a real path for their lives.

 And that comes to mind, the images in the cinema about demonic possession, in the cinema the system was successful in convincing people that a possessed person is a horrendous being like in horror movies, but this is just a distraction for people not see the real possessed.

 In fact, a possessed person acts normal most of the time, walks well dressed and is super respected in society, no wonder there are many of them in big names in politics, media, and arts, many possessed acting apparently normal until the mask falls and the truth comes out.

 Possessed people in general show lack of love for others, despise the poorest, are selfish and often prefer to only relate to animals than help the world to evolve.

 Another symptom is doing harm to others in search of fame, money and power, here you find criminals, terrorists, murderers and jealous people.

 Totally trapped in vanity, always looking for more and more the unattainable and jumping from relationships to relationships based on appearance, but without the true meaning.

 In short, it's a sad, depressing life, it's just living on appearances trying to feel good by sporting expensive goods and a very luxurious lifestyle, but their souls are always empty.

 We can say that the origin of all this comes from demons, but people deliberately choose evil because many already identify with these in their hearts.  It's always a choice, so there are no excuses.

 But this text is a call to those who no longer want to live like this, who know within themselves that there is a right way and a wrong way, who want to live free from the demonic chains and illusions of this world.  As well as those who need to strengthen their faith in the perfect path.

 We live in dark times and we need to strengthen our faith and pray incessantly without stopping, the forces of evil are advancing a lot, we are a minority, but in the end we will be honored.

 The Eternal will not leave us helpless and even surrounded by evil, we will win both internally and in our daily lives.

 Stand firm in primordial harmony.



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