You need to stay calm while waiting


 Hello, I know you must be anxious for some things to happen in your life. Maybe you want to find true love, or be successful, or even achieve financial independence. But, in many cases, the opportune moment has not yet arrived and it is not the right time, as you are not yet prepared.

 Have you ever imagined what you would be like now if what you wanted as a teenager had worked out? Have you ever imagined if that crush you had at school had happened? You would probably be married to that person and I ask you, would you be happy and with the right person?

 Probably not! You wouldn't be happy and that crush wasn't the right person for you because you didn't have all the knowledge you have now to know what's good for you.

 The same occurs in different areas of life, especially financial, having money is a blessing, but many people do not have the mental structure to have a lot of money at this moment.

 For example, imagine an insecure young man who is easily led by friends, suddenly earning a lot of money, experience shows us that the pattern is almost always: exorbitant spending, ostentation, narcissism, disrespect for other people and lots of drugs. And this pattern is repeated many times with artists, musicians and celebrities and the end of many is tragic with overdoses, crimes and suicide.

 This happens because these people were not yet prepared to have what they received, the same happens with some families who were happy in a modest life and suddenly made millions and ended up in fights, separations and even crimes. Of course, we are not demonizing good situations in life here, but just saying that many things are not yet time for you to have for your own good.

 Knowing how to wait and prepare to receive different blessings is the correct path, we ourselves went through this, how many times did we not wish that certain things had happened, that certain plans had worked and we even begged the Eternal for it to happen, but the Eternal's response was negative, because He knew that it wouldn't do us any good at that moment, because we weren't prepared, it could in fact have destroyed us at that moment.

 And only now, much later, we were able to realize that the Eternal Consciousness was correct, it was not the time, and now we can appreciate these blessings much more for being prepared and free from the wrong mentality that could have destroyed us.

 Today we know that the no in the past was because God had a plan and something much better for our lives in the future than our own imperfect plan in the past.

 So, that's it, this is the message that the Eternal gave us to you, the first message of this new year. Keep faith, continue your processes of evolution, of perfecting life and supreme virtues, continue preparing and developing on the perfect path, and blessings will come the moment you are prepared.

 Everyone stay in the harmony of Divine Consciousness.



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