The Beginning of Prophecy Fulfilling


 Hello, years ago we spoke a prophecy about the future of Latin America, which is the rebirth of a new prosperous and peaceful civilization, which will illuminate and be a blessing for all the nations of the world.

 From Latin America, not the oppression of peoples will come out, but good examples, new laws, philosophy and prosperity for all peoples.

 In truth, Latin America is already a blessing for the world, it is the region with the least conflict, the one that most preserves the environment, the region that feeds a large part of the world with its food, and the one with the happiest and most hospitable, one of the few regions where Jews and Muslims live together and reintegrate into a single people, where whites, blacks and Indians find their place and opportunities.  Anyway, Latin America is already a blessed continent, even though it still faces many challenges and is being sabotaged by hidden powers and men of this world.

 And today, we could see the beginning of this prophecy being fulfilled with the meeting of 12 countries in Brazil in search of greater integration that can lead to the creation of a bloc similar to the European Union in South America.

 Well, we know that this prophecy won't be fulfilled so quickly, that it won't be for now, but anyway it's very good, to see for the first time the beginning, where sister countries that were divided are starting to study the proposal seriously, something that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

 Of course, this text is not a support for any of these politicians, and we condemn injustice wherever it arises, as our religion is apolitical and remains neutral in ideological divisions, as our people's posture must always be, our support is only to good deeds and initiatives that can bring unity, peace and prosperity to all peoples.

 "Politicians pass, nations and peoples continue."

 Let us pray for peace, union, prosperity and harmony for Latin America and for the whole world.



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