Any victory, however small, against the system is a great victory


 Hello, have you ever noticed that sometimes you find people very similar to you, not so much in appearance, but in clothes in the way of thinking, in short, it's as if the system shows you that you're just another NPC, a non-playable character of the matrix, and that the system can replace you at any time, as if you were made in series.

 But, we have something to say to you who still haven't woken up, reality is a war, you are being attacked every day by invisible and visible enemies who undermine your rights, who oppress you and who only want to suck you in for you. to replace.

 In a reality like this, you need to be strong, there is no time to be depressed or weak, do you think that someone will pity you or that miraculously someone will come to save you?  No, this will hardly happen, and only you can do something today to change your life and yourself.

 Understand that you need to fight every day, maybe wake up earlier, study more, save more, exchange spending on vices and superfluous for investments, it's coming home even tired from work and going to work out, even if it's just to do one exercise a day. time, it's overcoming shyness, the failed culture from which you were born, it's not considering yourself inferior to anyone, it's reading even a page of a book a day, trying harder to learn new languages, tidying and cleaning your house , your room and purify your soul.

 The Eternal Consciousness is in you, so anything is possible, but It will not simply do everything for you, it is you who need to demonstrate your worth and become worthy of Her admiration, if you want new victories and a better place in Her Glory.

 Aisi ~


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